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Re- homing & Riguez Dancer

We always try to find amazing homes for our horses after they retire . It’s sometimes difficult, but where possible, I ensure that the best possible home is found and we remain in contact with the people who have our horses post – racing .

Today I received this email from the lady (Linzi) who has re – homed and re – trained RIGUEZ DANCER , a horse who brought a huge amount of happiness to his owners and trainers while in training and is quite obviously still doing the same now !

“Riguez Dancer aka Reggie or his Sunday name Mr Reginald. This amazing horse was retired and gifted to me after a wonderful racing career by the most fantastic group of people I have had the pleasure of getting to know and keep updated on Reggie’s new exploits.

Our journey began just before the most horrendous time of my life where I lost my son Brett so unexpectedly in 2015 and Reggie has become my strength in so many ways more than I could say. He has the most beautiful personality and nature of a pure gentleman, he has never put a foot wrong from the start of his retraining to become the best all round riding horse I personally can say I have ever had. The job he has done of teaching me how to jump and take part in my 1st ever hunter trail is like a dream come true to me , teaching him to wear a dress and do his 1st ever Concourse Dr Elegance class. He has also done many pony camps with more than just me and brought back rosette after rosette home even taking a four and seven year old round a handy pony class and winning it. He enjoys his  lazy hacks out, buckle ending it round our lovely fields listening to me talking rubbish to him of which I’m sure he keeps asking for ear plugs! To our crazy fun rides as he still enjoys kicking in those gears and teaching all the other how to gallop. The endless talent of this horse is unknown but I hope we can discover them together and have the best years ahead of us. I am humbled  to know and love this one in a million horse. He is the legend  that is Riguez Dancer.”

Riguez in Elegance Class