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The facilities at Howe Hills are fantastic and superbly well maintained by all the team. We are constantly looking to add to their functionality and quality to get the most out of our beautiful home for the horses and the staff.

Three gallops; All Weather, Grass and Carpet Fibre allows us to cater for every horse and every element that might be thrown at us from the skies above. A full size Indoor School with state of the art Easy Fix Hurdles and a newly surfaced enclosed lunging ring gives us fantastic scope for training and teaching horses under our care.

Welfare is so important and we have 48 Loddon Stables ( American Barn Style ), 3 Indoor Horse Walkers, 2 Solariums a full Equine Spa, Treadmil and an all-important weighing machine.

It’s fantastic to be able to work with our horses in such an environment where everything is in place and we know our owners and staff feel the same way.

1m4f Grass gallop

A former point to point track, this facility is unique and provides exceptional schooling facilities for both hurdlers and chasers.

1M4F All Weather Gallop
This gallop is found on the inside of the Grass Gallop and is a “round gallop”. Great for getting horses to settle & perfect for bringing the more ‘fragile’ jumps horses back in to work.
1m2f Carpet fibre gallop

This is our main gallop for fast work and routine canters. We have recently refurbished it , adding more carpet, which has prevented it freezing during severe frosts.

Hot wash down bays

Vital for washing down in the cooler months , our wash bays are high powered and heated, enabling us to clean the horses safely and get them dried quickly after exercise.

3 Monarch Indoor horse walkers
Our walkers are all covered which enables us to use them in all weathers.
Two Equine Solariums
The regular use of an equine solarium have found to :

. Improves blood circulation and cellular metabolism
. Improves muscle elasticity in advance of intensive work, thereby reducing the risk of sustaining injury.
. Helps reduce stiffness after work, promotes relaxation and recovery.
. Assists in the relief of pain after injury, especially back pain
. Improves general health and well being
. Helps dry-off a horse after exercise.

48 Licensed Loddon Stables

A range of different stables to suit a wide variety of horses, or those to that have been known to have previous behavioural problems.

ECB Equine Spa
Cold Salt Hydrotherapy is used to treat and prevent a multitude of injuries in 35°F / 2°C saltwater. The spa has successfully addressed virtually all lower leg injuries. Treatment temperature alone induces a massive rush of blood and circulation which otherwise would not be present. This drug free therapy can be used for injury prevention and also to increase mobility and reduce swelling in the limbs before and after competitive events and training.
Horse Weigh Machine

There are two main areas where the use of weighing machines have proved illuminating: in establishing the weight that a thoroughbred is at its most athletically efficient and in monitoring the systemic stress of competition and its attendant recovery rate. The eye is still important but weighing gives you that extra bit of confidence in your judgement of when a horse is right.

Access to over 50 Acres of railed turnout paddocks, some with shelters – allowing us to turn the horses out daily all year round in a safe environment.
Cycle Massage Rugs X3

The Cycle Massage Pro Equine Massage System comprises of eighteen massage motors positioned in line with the main muscle groups along the horses back, shoulder, hindquarters and neck , it operates using a number of programs, which enable the user to vary the intensity of the massage. So, your horses can be introduced gradually to the Pro Equine Therapy System offering the opportunity to allow the horse to relax.


At Rebecca Menzies Racing we have owners from all walks of life, from owners with multiple horses to owners who have 5% shares.

If you are interested in having a horse in training with Rebecca please get in touch by emailing rebeccaelizabeth.menzies@hotmail.co.uk or calling the office on +44 07843 169217 for more information and a full list of training fees.